Thursday, 7 April 2011

First Blog!

Well, here goes nothing.

I've been meaning to start a blog to ask the detailed questions that I have about some aspects of discussions that I find happening around me, and questions that I have from events going on in the world.

Generally where I have a view, I'm hoping for feedback on it.  My positions aren't set in stone, but I do like to play devils advocate a bit.

I'm always interested in others positions, but would ask you to give me something to go on in your comments, not just a "you're wrong!" Please let me know /why/ I'm wrong!

Posts that I know are coming up are ones on #copyright (thanks to @DavidAllenGreen for this one), things the 138 @UKUnCutters in Fortnum and Masons could have done to stop them being arrested, and an old one that I wrote ages ago about changes to Housing Benefit, and how it Local Housing Allowance could have been improved given my experiences of it from the assessment side.

Thanks in advance for your support and comments!

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