Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Email from re: West Yorkshire Police Log 721 of 09/06/15

Hello MrDrem

I am just letting you know as discussed earlier, in respect of the youtube footage you reported to us.

I have spoken to the company and they have viewed the footage, stating that on the footage the driver of the lorry cannot be overtaking any cyclist on Canal Road during the journey he took, he states that the cyclist was seen to come into view on the nearside bottom of the camera and then can be seen cycling away into traffic and onwards on Canal Road. He then said that the cyclist rang the company to tell them about the incident and apologises stating the incident was his fault.

They have spoken to the driver of the lorry and I have submitted an intelligence report about the incident and the footage. This is the action we have decided to take as we cannot prove that the lorry driver was at fault at this stage. However, this has all been recorded on the report I have submitted and the company are aware of this action. If the footage needs to be viewed further the roads policing unit will follow this up.  If we do manage to trace the cyclist we will speak to him and if any other issues are highlighted we will follow this up.

If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to ring 101 quoting the log number.

Thankyou for your time.
Emily Ogden
PC 3800 

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